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Approach & Technology

How Katerra Is Breaking New Ground

Allante Development LLC is an authorized developer for Katerra building products. The approach and technology described below are proprietary to Katerra.

Construction must evolve to meet the needs of today’s built environment. Katerra is putting modern technology to work at all levels of building design and construction to help address some of the industry’s most entrenched challenges.

In traditional construction, most buildings are designed as one-off projects. Architects start with a clean page, ultimately handing off the plans to a general contractor — which then brings in an array of material suppliers and subcontractors. Cost, risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency rise with every new piece of the puzzle.

Katerra’s model is designed to reduce unnecessary cost, risk, uncertainty, and inefficiency. Here’s how.

Transforming How Buildings Get Built

Katerra’s goal is to help transform construction through technology — every process and every product. It’s an entirely new way to build.

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1 Katerra is bringing the entire life cycle into a single streamlined system. The goal is to continually improve quality, building faster and at a lower cost.

2 Design is integrated with manufacturing and the materials supply chain. Standardized parts, assemblies and panelization reduce complexity while allowing for a range of customizable configurations.

3 Global impact requires a global footprint. Katerra has established offices, engineering centers, and factories in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Optimizing Process, Control, and Efficiency

Through their end-to-end business line, Katerra is the architect, material supplier, manufacturer, contractor, and project manager, letting them optimize for speed and efficiency.

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1 Katerra’s technology platform centralizes collaboration and improves coordination across the entire construction life cycle. It’s designed to enable faster decision making and earlier cost visibility for enterprise clients.

2 Offsite manufacturing allows Katerra to push as much component completion as possible to an optimized factory environment.

3 Katerra Building Platforms are designed for streamlined, repeatable manufacturing and field assembly. They include wall panels, bathroom assembly kits, and more.

Flexible Experience for Every Market and Material

Using repeatable building platform designs deployed in large volumes, Katerra customers can build for a variety of market sectors using a range of structural materials.

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1 Katerra offers complete material expertise in wood frame, light gauge steel, mass timber, and precast concrete.

2 Katerra products are functional for numerous market sectors, including multifamily, hospitality, retail, commercial, medical, education, and beyond. Thousands of unique design configurations are possible.

3 By minimizing the number of unique parts and maximizing part repetition, Katerra reduces cost and complexity. Much of the assembly happens offsite, reducing on-site construction time and cost.

Focusing on Global Housing Attainability

Katerra’s innovative solutions improve housing affordability by driving down cost, complexity, and construction time.

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1 As urban populations continue to grow, so does the demand for attainable housing. Katerra aims to deliver a new generation of high-quality attainable housing.

2 Katerra has an in-house team with expertise in understanding the unique needs and challenges of the affordable housing sector. The goal is to ensure meaningful change and market impact.

3 By developing new products that offer better value on an improved cost basis, Katerra helps to make higher-quality attainable housing a reality within reach.

Amid a housing crisis affecting major cities across the globe, the industry needs to respond by providing scalable resources and new processes. Some 70 percent of construction projects come in overtime and over budget. case study

Katerra K90 Case Study, in which Katerra details building a 24-unit Garden-style building in 90 days

Innovation is relentless, and there are new capabilities every year — and that’s exactly what’s going to happen with buildings.

Michael Marks / CEO & Co-Founder / Katerra

Construction companies traditionally invest less than 1% of revenue in new technologies — lower than every other major industry... As a result, simultaneous productivity decreases and cost increases during the last several decades have created a quandary that requires fresh thinking and outside-of-the-box solutions.

Robert Nieminen / Editor at Large / The Architect’s Newspaper

The housing shortage is a challenge that we must meet... I hope that other leaders across the built environment will join us on this journey and help us to break new ground.

Michael Marks / CEO & Co-Founder, Katerra

To learn more about Katerra, we encourage you to explore their website.