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January 2020

Allante Development / 2020 / January

The City of Goodyear, Arizona, is booming, attracting new businesses, new jobs, and new people. After decades of planning, the city — home to an exciting new Allante development — welcomes growth that shows no sign of slowing. CBS 5 Phoenix’s “Good Morning Phoenix” program recently included a spotlight segment on Goodyear. It’s an exhilarating time for the Phoenix suburb, which is only 11% built out. Leading companies like Microsoft, Nike, and Andersen Windows are investing in Goodyear, building offices, plants, warehouses, and distribution centers that will bring thousands of new jobs to the area. The fast-growing city has already attracted


As the world seeks solutions to help slow global climate change, CLT is emerging as a central player. Mass timber is a sturdy, entirely renewable building material lauded by both builders and environmental organizations. We applaud the construction industry’s efforts to ensure a more sustainable future for construction. CLT, or cross-laminated timber, is one of the most promising construction materials. While Allante Development hasn't yet had an opportunity to build with CLT, we’re excited to see what’s next for the promising building material. To learn more about CLT’s sustainability-promoting capabilities and benefits, check out this fascinating article from Outside magazine.